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I have seen unofficial blogs and SO posts that indicate TryParse is not part of .NET CF. That being said, I would like:

  1. to make sure this is true, and
  2. to read the official documentation.

Please post an answer with a link to official MSDN documentation.

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You can also look at the .NET 3.5 Member page for any class. If it has a device icon (enter image description here), then it's supported in the CF, otherwise it's not. Here's an example for the Int16:

enter image description here

Parse: Has the icon. Supported.
ToString: Has the icon. Supported.
TryParse: No icon. Not supported.

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As of March 2014, the Compact Framework does not seem to support TryParse.

At the bottom of each method's page, there is Version Information.

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For your convenience, here is a small sample which will work. since static extension methods are not possible, I made an extension method

int result;
if ("1".TryParseInt32(out result))

// or
if (Numbers.TryParseInt32("1", out result))

public static class Numbers
    public static bool TryParseInt32(this string value, out int result)
            result = int.Parse(value);
            return true;
        catch (FormatException) { }
        catch (OverflowException) { }

        result = default(int);
        return false;
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