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Is there a problem with Django using thread locals for localization (see django.utils.translation.activate for instance), especially when running on particular webservers?

Is it thus a limitation for the choice of servers on which a django project could run?

Btw, I am surprised to read in some places that using thread locals is not a good idea with Django when Django is already doing it by itself...

Update (re-wording to make a difference with Why is using thread locals in Django bad?):
Is the current implementation "risky" with respect to some web servers on which to run Django? And is Django going to evolve to something thread-agnostic?

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possible duplicate of Why is using thread locals in Django bad? –  Louis Mar 26 at 22:36
@Louis sort of a duplicate, but I want to insist on the fact that Django itself is already using thread locals. I rather wonder when is the current implementation risky, if it can be? And is it going to stay as such? –  lajarre Mar 27 at 7:42

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