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I needed to replace then node having field name with the xml node.

I tried with replaceWith which did not parse properly.

As suggested here I tried to create a workaround to replace xml tag

   $.fn.replaceWithXML = function replaceWithXML(ele) {
        var xml = this.html();
        return $('<dummy />').append($(ele).append(xml)).html();

It was not working with all the xml tags properly.

 xml = '<field><col>Col1</col></field>'
 xml = $.parseXML(xml);

Replacing the "field" with "column" yields unexpected output ''

Neither this works

var xml_node = '<column></column>';
$(root).append(xml_node,{html: $(xml ).find('field').html()});

Nor this works

$(root).append($(xml_node).append($(xml ).find('field').html()));
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Type Error! I have field tag. I wrongly typed "Filed" –  B L Praveen Mar 26 '14 at 19:25

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There is a typo in your xml attempt (filed)

xml = '<field><col>Col1</col></filed>'

should be (field)

xml = '<field><col>Col1</col></field>'

Now that you edited this into your question, using find works to locate the element. The next problem is now that you are using .innerHTML on a jquery object, when you should use .html()

jsFiddle Demo

var xml = '<field><col>Col1</col></field>';
xml = $.parseXML(xml);
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I wanted to replace the tag after getting the content –  B L Praveen Mar 27 '14 at 4:15
And also some of the jquery function does not support other than native HTML tags is used. –  B L Praveen Mar 27 '14 at 4:28

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