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I have a Node.Js/Socket.IO server app that expects a single connection from a client app that runs on Android. The Android client frequently drops the connection and then reconnects. This is causing my server to have multiple pending connection and socket.io thread loops. I would like to handle this from my Node.js server and close any pending connections when the client reconnects. So my questions are: How do I identify the source of the connection? How do I detect that there are still open connections from the server to this client? How do I close those so that there is only one active socket.Io?

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socket.io should handle disconnecting "clean up", but that would trigger only if the client doesn't trigger reconnect event in a short period of time. Other than that you should have client to stop reconnection attempts after it loses connection. Maybe an internal counter when trigger events would do some trick. –  Phoenix Mar 26 at 20:27
Thanks Phoenix. Another way of solving my issue would be if I could handle any of the events that I see in my debug log: debug - got disconnection packet info - transport end by forced client disconnection debug - websocket writing 0:: info - transport end (booted) debug - set close timeout for client ZB6csEMfWPucHGr8FAvf debug - cleared close timeout for client ZB6csEMfWPucHGr8FAvf debug - cleared heartbeat interval for client ZB6csEMfWPucHG debug - discarding transport. My On('disconnect', function()) is never reached and I don't know how to handle the others. –  Jason Porter Mar 26 at 20:36

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