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Ran across this interview question (below). Can someone first explain the question and then answer it?

Write a function that takes an object and appends it to the DOM, making it so that events are buffered until the next tick? Explain why this is useful?

Does "append an object to the DOM" mean append ANY object, like { name: "Bob", age: "30" }, or just html objects, like <p> or <form> objects?

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Only DOM objects may be added to the DOM - not JavaScript objects. I imagine by "next tick", the interviewer means to use setTimeout in some fashion. I'm uncertain what is meant by "events are buffered" as the events are triggerable as soon as the DOM elements are exposed in the Document. –  user2864740 Mar 26 at 19:53
I feel like there is some informations missing. Or maybe i just don't understand the question since it's not my native langage... –  Karl-André Gagnon Mar 26 at 19:55

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I'd say it meas apending a Element Objects to the DOM, because if you wan't to append a regular JavaScript object, you would append it to a DOM Element, and not directly to the DOM.

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