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Windows Phone 7 has been unveiled and MS have announced all details of the development chain at the Mix10 conference.

So this could be a good starting point/collection of online resources as they appear

EDIT: I've removed the speculation tag now that the covers are off

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An excerpt from Programming Windows Phone 7 Series by Charlez Petzold just became available online.

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Charlie Kindel has started a MSDN blog on WP7 development, along with a video on Channel9.

windows phone twitter account: @windowsphone

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For WP7/XNA related information, keep an eye on Shawn Hargreave's blog :-)

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Some info leaked and available here: http://www.mobiletechworld.com/2010/02/18/windows-phone-7-series-development-information/

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nice! that looks more concrete than anything else i've seen :) – geocoin Feb 18 '10 at 11:27

You can get the newly released Windows Phone 7 Series "SDK" from the Windows Phone Developer Home Page

Click the "Download the Developer Tools" on the right hand side to get the bits.

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Remember the Windows Phone 7 version of fousquare from the MIX10 demo?

You can download the source code from http://4square.codeplex.com/.

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There's a ton of resources out there for Silverlight, and for the most part all of this applies to Silverlight for Windows Phone. My limited experience so far has been quite postive. I took a simple game I wrote for Silverlight and cut and pasted the XAML and code into a new Windows Phone application and pressed F5. It ran without modification, the only thing I couldn't get working was the sound.

If your interested I just posted the source code on my blog.

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For XNA there's a lot of information at the XNA creators site.

The forums are pretty good too over here combined they cover most aspects of game and app design and publishing.

Worth a visit.

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the Microsoft Press WP7 book by Charles Petzold is now online here.

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