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Update: I've been able to deploy my application to Android API Levels 10,15,17,18. So this appears to be a problem with API 19.

When I try to debug my application (MvvmCross "Hello World" app) it does not launch in the Intel Atom (x86) emulator, however the application does launch into the ARM (armeabi-v7a) emulator. When trying to launch in the Intel Atom (x86) emulator Visual Studio 2013 successfully starts up the emulator, does a build of the application, and then hangs after the build and says Waiting for device..., yet the emulator is up and running, is responsive, and appears to be working correctly. As soon as I close the emulator Visual Studio 2013 / Xamarin pops up this error: enter image description here

The details simply say that the emulator was not found - so the environment is aware of the emulator and when it is running and when it is not running.

Output from Visual Studio 2013 - Build Window

2>Build succeeded. 2> 0 Warning(s) 2> 0 Error(s) 2> 2>Time Elapsed 00:00:13.60 2> 2> 2> 2>Waiting for device..


  • Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Visual Studio 2013 Professional w/ ReSharper
  • MvvmCross "Hello World" application
  • Xamarin.Android

Due Diligence:

  • At the command line when I run adb devices it shows the emulator is up and running.

  • I closed and restarted Visual Studio 2013 & the emulator.

  • I tried loading up the emulator first and then debugging but still had the same problem.

  • Before I got this far I was having issues with the HAXM not being installed, but this is not the issue I am having.

  • I went through the Xamarin setup instructions, and verified that the x86 checkbox under Supported Architectures was selected. I even tried making it the only selection.

  • I searched for solutions on the Xamarin forums, and found someone who claims to have it up and running (asked him how), but found no answers to my issue.

  • I searched for solutions here on Stack Overflow, but didn't find an answer.
    Neither this or this is the same problem I am having.

  • I checked the adb logcat, but I can't really figure out if there is a problem there or not. The following chunk of text keeps repeating until I close the emulator.

    D/AndroidRuntime( 2182): >>>>>> AndroidRuntime START com.android.internal.os.RuntimeInit <<<<<< W/linker ( 2182): libdvm.so has text relocations. This is wasting memory and is a security risk. Please fix. D/AndroidRuntime( 2182): CheckJNI is ON D/dalvikvm( 2182): Trying to load lib libjavacore.so 0x0 D/dalvikvm( 2182): Added shared lib libjavacore.so 0x0 D/dalvikvm( 2182): Trying to load lib libnativehelper.so 0x0 D/dalvikvm( 2182): Added shared lib libnativehelper.so 0x0 D/dalvikvm( 2182): No JNI_OnLoad found in libnativehelper.so 0x0, skipping init D/dalvikvm( 2182): Note: class Landroid/app/ActivityManagerNative; has 179 unimplemented (abstract) methods E/memtrack( 2182): Couldn't load memtrack module (No such file or directory) E/android.os.Debug( 2182): failed to load memtrack module: -2 D/AndroidRuntime( 2182): Calling main entry com.android.commands.pm.Pm D/AndroidRuntime( 2182): Shutting down VM D/dalvikvm( 2182): GC_CONCURRENT freed 93K, 15% free 556K/652K, paused 1ms+0ms, total 1ms D/AndroidRuntime( 2194):

Configuration Details

Here is the configuration of the Android Intel emulator enter image description here

Here are the properties of the Xamarin/MvvmCross Android project in VS2013: enter image description here

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I confirm the problem; I removed the old emulator and created a new one, but same result. However, it does install from Xamarin Studio.

Thanks Steve for mentioning that it works with API18; just downloaded that to confirm - and it works fine.

So the issue is somewhere with API19 or perhaps some other settings in emulator.

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Try simply creating a new emulator in the AVD Manager.

I have found that they get corrupted after a while and just stop working.

Can you successfully get a brand new Lvl 19 vanilla Android project running in the emulator?

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I tried this and it did not work. –  Steve Apr 4 '14 at 18:39

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