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I have a matrix containing the temperature value for a set of GPS coordinates. So my matrix looks like this :

Longitude  Latitude  Value
---------  --------  -----
12.345678  23.456789   25 
12.345679  23.456790   26
%should be :
%  x           y        z


I want to convert this matrix into a human-viewable plot like a color plot (2D or 3D), how can I do this?

3D can be something like this : enter image description here

or just the 2-D version of this (looking from top z-axis).

What Have I Tried

I know MATLAB has surf and mesh functions but I cannot figure out how to use them.

If I call

surf(matrix(:,1) , matrix(:,2) , matrix(:,3));

I get the error :

Error using surf (line 75)
Z must be a matrix, not a scalar or vector

Thanks in advance for any help !

P.S : It would also be great if there is a function that "fills" the gaps by interpolation (smoothing, whatever :) ). Since I have discrete data, it would be more beautiful to represent it as a continous function.

P.S 2 : I also want to use plot_google_map in the z=0 plane.

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You can read here : http://www.mathworks.in/help/matlab/ref/pcolor.html

But Answer is here :

How do I visualize a matrix with colors and values displayed?


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Thanks! But the accepted answer here is a 5x5 matrix, which is not the same thing with my case. And I want a color map. Anyway, it would be better if you provided some code, in case the linked answer is deleted. Thanks again. –  halilpazarlama Mar 26 '14 at 20:59
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A surprisingly hard-to-find answer. But I'm lucky that somebody else has asked almost the same question here.

I'm posting the answer that worked for me :

x = matrix(:,1);
y = matrix(:,2);
z = matrix(:,3);
  [XI YI]=meshgrid(xi,yi);
  ZI = griddata(x,y,z,XI,YI);

which prints a nice color map.

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Is your data defined on a rectangular grid? If so, there's a much simpler way. –  Doug Lipinski Mar 26 '14 at 22:09
Not exactly a grid. It's just a mobile phone's sensor output while I was walking on a certain road. But I am planning to convert it to a grid. So I would like to hear your solution. –  halilpazarlama Mar 26 '14 at 22:12
Well, if it's not on a grid, I think you've got a decent solution already. You can read more here as well (mathworks.com/help/matlab/math/…). I'll post up another answer that avoids using the griddata function too. –  Doug Lipinski Mar 26 '14 at 22:22

Suppose your matrix is nx3. Then you can create the grid as follows:


step_x=0.5; %depends on your data


Now, put your data in the third column to the appropriate indices, in the new matrix say, valMat.

You can use surf now as follows:


If you want interpolation, you can convolve a Gaussian kernel (maybe 3x3) with valMat.

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One option that avoids unnecessarily gridding your data would be to compute the Delaunay triangulation of the scattered data points and then using a command like trisurf to plot the data. Here's an example:

x = 2*pi*rand(N,1);
y = 2*pi*rand(N,1);
z = sin(x).*sin(y);

matrix = [x y z];

tri = delaunay(matrix(:,1),matrix(:,2));
shading interp
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