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Discovered a problem with connecting all together - Facebook, GWT and App Engine.

I need to authenticate user on my web site hosted on App Engine (Java) that uses GWT. After authentication, some information should be passed to server from facebook - like profile information, user list, etc.

Currently am trying to use facebook4gwt and authentication works fine, and I can obtain all needed information on client side, but can not transfer facebook session to server, particularly, obtain Facebook cookies for session verification.

Could anyone suggest any good solution for this? Probably, it would make sense to get rid of facebook4gwt and do everything on server side.

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I have just noticed that it is possible to login on stackoverflow using facebook. Is facebook supporting OpenID? How is it done here? – Draško Kokić Feb 28 '12 at 2:52

I have been using the gwt-facebook library for one year to authenticate users of my application on App Engine. When a user is already logged into Facebook, and has already authorized my application, I can automatically get the access_token in GWT and send it to the server which can then do the hard work (data syncing) with facebook-java-api library.

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A followup project hosted in github: – 吳強福 Oct 5 '11 at 8:03

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