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Is there any way to create an app template in Rails that generates the views in HAML rather than ERB?

App Templates:

If not, are there any plugins/gems that I can use to have all my generator scripts output HAML instead of ERB?

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Try norman's haml-scaffold on Github.

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Another one by Mister Bleigh

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if you download ryanb's nifty_generators and look at the source code, you can see that he has the following in one of his files

  if options[:haml] 'public/stylesheets/sass'
    m.template "layout.html.haml", "app/views/layouts/#{file_name}.html.haml"
    m.file     "stylesheet.sass",  "public/stylesheets/sass/#{file_name}.sass"
    m.template "layout.html.erb", "app/views/layouts/#{file_name}.html.erb"
    m.file     "stylesheet.css",  "public/stylesheets/#{file_name}.css"

This allows the user to do script/generate nifty_layout --haml

goo luck

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