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I have three GKTurnBasedMatches that I've started the matchmaking process on and somehow ended prematurely.

Printing one of these out yields the following:

<GKTurnBasedMatch 0x6a14a0 - 
creationDate:2014-03-25 19:38:30 +0000

You'll see the match is currently "Matching" but has no currentParticipant and no participants at all yet.

I've tried calling removeWithCompletionHandler, endMatchInTurnWithMatchData, participantQuitOutOfTurnWithOutcome, participantQuitInTurnWithOutcome, endTurnWithNextParticipant, and several others in order to get this match ended and removed.

Additionally, when these matches are viewed in the Game Center app, the status appears as "Playing with Auto-Match Player and -1 others"

enter image description here enter image description here

Please help!

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Just found out from Apple support that this is a bug with their API and matches should never be appearing like this. If you ever run into this, contact iTunes Connect support (NOT Apple's DTS support) and have them reset your Game Center account. –  Alex Costantini Apr 10 at 22:34
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