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I want my chat system to get rid of some special characters (in other words, if the users types those characters in the input box, they won't appear).

The characters I want to get 'rid of' are:

( ) { } [ ] . , ; : " ' 

I currently have the following code:

function checkValue() {
var value = document.getElementById("thisinput").value;
var unspeakables = ['shout', 'message'],
    formatting = { 
        'shout' : {
            'color' : 'red'
$('#output').html(value.replace(new RegExp('\\b' + unspeakables.join('\\b|\\b') + '\\b','gi'), 
function(matchedWord) {
    $('#output').css(formatting[matchedWord.toLowerCase()] || {});
    return '';

Hope that someone can help me here!

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And what is the problem? Have you started with a hard coded regexp first, not a dynamically generated one? – zerkms Mar 27 '14 at 0:17

Delete any character that matches this regex:

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Escape these characters and use replace function with 'g' option:

value.replace(/[\(\)\{\}\[\]\.\,\;\:\"\']/g, '')

See an example of matching RegEx:

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It removes the 'shout' and 'message' now. I added $('#output').html(value.replace(/[\(\)\{\}\[\]\.\,\;\:\"\']/g, '')); at the bottom of the function – WalkOfLife Mar 27 '14 at 0:35

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