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I am building a small tool that checks on some of the thing done by puppet. I am trying to do a bit of hacking with Puppet to figure out how to take a puppet manifest and produce all of the catalogues for the nodes. I have looked through some of the source code for the parser and compiler haven't been able to get an example to work. Is there a way to do this from the puppet command line tool?

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If you are doing this for kicks, my answer will not help you.

If you need this to work, I suggest that you look at the language puppet library. The distributed puppetresources binary has an allnodes mode that computes catalogs for all nodes defined in the site.pp file. It then tests basic stuff (that the catalog compiles, that dependencies are correct [although it is buggy for now], that all users used in cron,file, etc. are actually defined somewhere, and that sourced files exist on disk).

It is much faster than the puppet, and you can use it as a library. That way you can write any test you want on the produced catalogs.

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