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I am using the DHTMLX javaplanner. I need to modify the lightbox interface. i am using following code :

 <div class="planner" id="planner"><%= getPlanner(request) %></div>
<%@ page import="com.dhtmlx.planner.*,com.dhtmlx.planner.data.*" %>
      String getPlanner(HttpServletRequest request) throws Exception {
       DHXPlanner s = new DHXPlanner("./codebase/", DHXSkin.TERRACE);
       DHXExternalLightboxForm box = s.lightbox.setExternalLightboxForm("custom-event-box.jsp", 640, 350);   

I am getting an error :

DHXExternalLightboxForm cannot be resolved to a type.

do i have to import some other packages.?

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You should probably import also package com.dhtmlx.planner.controls.*:

<%@ page import="com.dhtmlx.planner.*,com.dhtmlx.planner.data.*,com.dhtmlx.planner.controls.*" %>
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