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I have Webmin installed on 5 or 6 servers but a few months back decided to install two-factor authentication for logging into Webmin using Google Authenticator app on my phone.

To my surprise, I lost all my tokens in the Google Authenticator app when I changed phones. This actually happen to me twice. I have rebuilt everything everywhere else but can no longer log into Webmin on this one server.

I tried searching Google to death but no answers. I tried uninstalling Webmin and re-installing using RPM.

After re-installing Webmin it just keeps the same settings which means I still need the Google Auth token which is no longer on my phone.

Any ideas?

Should I try to break the Oauth module I think it needs to work or will this cause me more problems?

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I disabled 2FA, then I was unable to login, not only from webmin from ssh with password as well.

I applied @Todd 's advice, after restarting webmin I was totally unable to see the main login page.

Luckily I had some other session already open. I used the command below to change the password for root user, restarted webmin, all was ok.

/usr/share/webmin/ /etc/webmin root myNewPassword

Note: Apply at your own risk. I had backups, so I did not need to worry. My server OS is Ubuntu 14.04

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Fond this here:

Go into this file /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf, delete this line: twofactor_provider=totp

And, in /etc/webmin/miniserv.users, there is this line. root:x:0:::::::0:0:totp:HBL7W4RTG8T6FG8W:

I just deleted the totp so the line read: root:x:0:::::::0:0::HBL7W4RTG8T6FG8W:

Saved the file and restarted webmin: service webmin restart.

I could then log back in with un/pw and generated my QR code.

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