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What is the standard/best reference card for cscope shortcuts/usage that I can print for quick reference?

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The easiest way I can think of doing this, and its cheap, is to get the hardcopy man page for cscope and create a text file...for instance

$ man cscope | col -b > cscope.txt 

Or, to convert to ps file for feeding into Ghostscript:

$ man -t cscope > cscope.ps
$ gs cscope.ps -sOutputFile=cscope.pdf

Hope this help, Best regards, Tom.

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I use this (for default vim bindings; at the top is first access key - Ctrl+'\', and capital letter is second key):

Calls to
calleD by

This quick reference card is sticked to my monitor here (*) for more than 2 years:

|              |_
|              |*|
|              |-
|              |
|              |
      |  |

Extremely cheap and useful.

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