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I am using the sunspot gem inside a mountable engine. I am creating an engine out of an existing Rails 3.2 app so I know that my setup works when in a standard rails app.

Basically, I can't get Sunspot in development (when using spec/dummy - I know that it's normally used to for testing but everything else works just fine) to load the sunspot.yml file and find the running version of Solr.

My gemspec has:

s.add_dependency 'sunspot_rails', '= 2.0.0.pre.120417'
s.add_development_dependency 'sunspot_solr', '~> 1.3.3'
s.add_development_dependency 'sunspot_test', '~> 0.4.0'

My mountable engine has a dummy rails app at spec/dummy for testing. My spec/dummy/config/sunspot.yml contains:

    port: 8080
    path: /solr
    hostname: localhost

When I run a rails console (from inside spec/dummy) with bundle exec rails console I get a normal rails console.

Running Sunspot.config produces:

> Sunspot.config
=> #<LightConfig::Configuration:0x007f864aeee8a0
    #<LightConfig::Configuration:0x007f864aefb398 @properties={:url=>nil}>,

Clearly Sunspot isn't picking up my sunspot.yml file because the port is running on 8983 instead of 8080 where it's actually running.

Starting the Solr server via bundle exec rake sunspot:solr:start (inside spec/dummy) or bundle exec rake app:sunspot:solr:start (from root of engine) starts the server correctly on port 8080 so I know that that is reading sunspot.yml

There are few other people with similar questions but I'm not using the sunspot_mongoid gem and feel like it's something to do with the fact it's running inside an engine.

If anyone could give me a hand it would be much appreciated!

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I can't say what's wrong here, but I can tell you that I am doing the same thing -- making an engine out of rails app -- and that I have solr 2.0.0-pre-something and now 2.1.0 working in all environments locally and deployed. So, it can work.

I guess I would move forward by reading through the code involved in starting solr and how it goes about finding the config.

Not super helpful, overall -- but at least there's a reply now that suggests you're not doomed. :)

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I eventually found the answer to this. Adding s.add_development_dependency 'sunspot_solr', '~> 1.3.3' adds sunspot_solr to the development profile only to the gem - not when you are running an application containing the gem in development mode. This makes sense for a 'normal' gem - I just wasn't thinking straight.

So in order to get the gem into your app containing the engine, you ether to have it as a normal add_dependency or include it in the app's Gemfile.

Sorry for wasting your time @ian


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