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I am trying to issue commands to telnet. When I initially issue a simple connection command such as:

telnet localhost 9300

I am immediately connected which is fantastic but there are messages that instantly start printing in the shell every 1 second. These are expected responses from the program connected to that port. The issue is, how do I issue a second command when the shell won't stop logging data? I can't type in the shell when it is moving. Thanks for any help and sorry for the newbie type question.

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You can type blind, just ignore that your line disappears in the stdout of telnet. With copy-paste from a buffer, you can see your line, but it will still move out of the screen.

Another way is redirecting the output of telnet to a file. When you want to see the telnet output, open a second window. Window 1:

telnet localhost 9300 > telnet9300.out 2>&1
enter your commands here

Window 2:

# wait for telnet9300.out being created
tail -f telnet9300.out
# Press ^C when you have seen enough
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