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I want to install PyDev 2.8.2 in Eclipse because my Eclipse version is too old for 3.x.x compatibility. However by using the update site http://pydev.org/updates and having unchecked the box "Show only the latest versions ...", only 3.4.1 is showing up and I can't seen any 2.8.2.

I use Ubuntu and would like to know how to install 2.8.2.

I do not currenlty have any version installed.

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First download Pydev 2.8.2 version and put pydev 2.8.2 in eclipse-home/Addons.Next Restart your eclipse.Go to window---> preference you see pydev software.

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The link http://pydev.org/updates is just a re-direction to where the update site is now hosted, it appears.

Try with http://update-production-pydev.s3.amazonaws.com/pydev/updates

Also, make sure 'Show only latest version...' option is unchecked in the Install New Software wizard.

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