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I am currently transferring all my data from a RDBMS (Postgres) to Neo4j 1.9.6 using Talend Open Studio for Big Data. I have built a Job that runs perfectly within the Talend interface. But then when I build and export the job script (jar with the executable bash script), the program fails to run. Upon running, it throws the following exception:

Exception in component tNeo4jOutput_2 java.lang.NullPointerException at postgres.tPostgresqlInput_1Process( at postgres.tPostgresqlConnection_1Process( at postgres.runJobInTOS( at postgres.main(

I tried to debug the generated script and imported it along with the libraries to Netbeans 8.0. Here is the culprit:


It does not matter if I comment out this piece of code, because then the program crashes on the next reference to tNeo4jOutput2.

Any idea what is going wrong? And why does it work perfectly from within Talend Open Studio?

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What I would recommend is to post your issue on the TalendForge forum, where the community congregates: The members will be able to give you answers and help you.

Best, Talend.

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It is already done. Since the issue has to do with a very specific error, I told myself the more eyeballs, the more probable to have an answer. Also, I have found very detailed and interesting responses to Talend questions here. – retrography Mar 27 '14 at 15:05

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