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I have a strong parameter like this

params.require(:survey).permit( option_booleans_attributes: [:id, :survey_id, :topic, :answer])

if I use rails f.input I got parameter like

"option_booleans_attributes"=>{"0"=>{"answer"=>"true", "id"=>"5"}, "1"=>{"answer"=>"false", "id"=>"6"}, "2"=>{"answer"=>"true", "id"=>"7"}}}

but I need to show option_booleans topic and let user fill answer

  <% @survey.option_booleans.each do |question| %>
    <%= question.topic %><br>
    <%= radio_button "option_booleans_attributes[]", "answer[#{question.id}]", "true" %>是
    <%= radio_button "option_booleans_attributes[]", "answer[#{question.id}]", "false" %>否<br>
  <% end %>

But I don't know how to generate the 0 1 2 in the parameter..

about my survey.rb

class Survey < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :option_booleans
accepts_nested_attributes_for :option_booleans

belongs_to :member


class OptionBoolean < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :survey03

and OptionBoolean have topic:string and answer:boolean

I want to let user see the topic and update the answer

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I am not quite sure by what you mean by 'generate 0 1 2 in the parameter' - do you mean how to access these attroibutes? –  nicohvi Mar 27 at 6:46
Cuz I use strong params to access, and it can't correspond option_booleans –  Steven Mar 27 at 6:53
Now I use <%= radio_button "option_booleans_attributes[#{question.id}]", "answer", "true" %> and access in the back-end params[:option_booleans_attributes].each do |option_id, attributes| to solve but is it a good way? this means I didn't use strong params –  Steven Mar 27 at 6:53
It would be helpful if you post your survey.rb model file so we can see exactly what options_booleans are - are they question models, or something else? –  nicohvi Mar 27 at 8:41
Sorry, I push it, is it enough? –  Steven Mar 27 at 8:47

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It seems you're missing several parts of your form:

def new
   @survey = Survey.new
   @survey.option_booleans.build #-> creates ActiveRecord Object for your form

<%= form_for @survey do |f| %>
   <%= f.fields_for :option_booleans do |option| %>
       <% @survey.question_booleans.each do |question| %>
           <%= question.topic %>
           <%= f.radio_button "answer[#{question.id}]", "true" %>
           <%= f.radio_button "answer[#{question.id}]", "false" %>
       <% end %>
   <% end %>
<% end %>

Although I don't quite understand how your system works

You have a survey with many options, but you're passing new attributes to create new options each time. Surely you'd have option_booleans as a join model, with options as an independent model, and:

Class Survey < ActiveRecord::Base
    has_many :option_booleans
    has_many :options, through: :option_booleans
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I doesn't mean to create new options each time, if I create at the back-end and I want to let user see the option_booleans.topic:string and update option_booleans.answer:boolean.So I think it doesn't need to build in the controller right? –  Steven Mar 28 at 2:25
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What I use now

   <li><% @survey03.option_booleans.each do |question| %>
   <%= question.topic %><br>
        <%= radio_button "option_booleans_attributes[#{question.id}]", "answer", "true", :required => true %>
        <%= radio_button "option_booleans_attributes[#{question.id}]", "answer", "false", :required => true %>
    <% end %></li>

and in controller

params[:option_booleans_attributes].each do |option_id, attributes|    

if option = OptionBoolean.find_by_id(option_id)

and I know if I want to generate index just use

    <% @survey.option_booleans.each_with_index do |question, index| %>        
      <%= question.topic %><br>
      <%= radio_button "option_booleans_attributes[#{index}]", "answer[#{question.id}]", "true" %>
      <%= radio_button "option_booleans_attributes[#{index}]", "answer[#{question.id}]", "false" %>
    <% end %>
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try select options like this:

@variable_with_booleans = [true, false]
<%= f.select :param, @variable_with_booleans %>

answer to your latest comment: I don't sure, but try to edit your form

<%= form_for @question do |f| %>
  <%= f.label :topic %>
  <% @variable_with_booleans = [true, false] %>
  <%= f.select :answer, @variable_with_booleans %>
  <%= f.submit %>
<% end %>

and edit your strong params in controller,which contains this action

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if I want to show the :topic, how can I add in this code? I want to show option_booleans.topic and update option_booleans.answer.. –  Steven Mar 28 at 2:21
is your topic depends on question boolean? –  Vitaliy Krushelnitsky Mar 28 at 8:14
yes, option_booleans has two columns, topic(:string) and answer(:boolean) –  Steven Mar 29 at 6:23
So that page is form_for @survey and option_boolean is belongs_to survey, I need to show topic and update answer in this form –  Steven Mar 29 at 6:25

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