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I am adding some controls in my page while loading page.

Some of them are required, so I add requiredfieldvalidator control with them also.

But when I do postback using button click, at that time this dynamically added controls are not validated.

I am not able to understand what is wrong.

protected override void OnPreRender(EventArgs e) {
 Panel pn = new Panel();
RadTextBox rdts = new RadTextBox {
                           ID = "txt" + txField.ColumnName,
                           Width = 200


RequiredFieldValidator rfv = new RequiredFieldValidator {
                        ControlToValidate = "txt" + txField.ColumnName,
                        Display = ValidatorDisplay.Dynamic,
                        Text = "*",
                        ValidationGroup = "standard",
                        ID = "val" + txField.ColumnName,
                        Visible = true


protected void ClickOK(object sender, EventArgs e) {
     if (Page.IsValid){
         return true;
         return false;
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what is additionalDataPanel? is another panel? –  user3401335 Mar 27 at 7:20
Yes it is my main panel of page. –  vaibhav shah Mar 27 at 7:21
First find the ids that are created dynamically(by using viewsource in browser).using javascript,theirs ids you can validate them –  Ajay Mar 27 at 7:26
You mean to say that requiredfieldvalidator will not work in this case ? –  vaibhav shah Mar 27 at 7:29
Why do you create the controls dynamically instead of just setting their visibility? Adding controls dynamically usually adds a lot of complexity that can be avoided in most cases. It will most likely save you some trouble if you find another way (visibility, Repeaters, ...) to implement your requirements. –  Markus Mar 27 at 7:33

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ValidationGroup = "standard" 

from RequiredFieldValidator or add to text box

ValidationGroup = "standard"
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