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Is there a way to set the next build number in Hudson from a script?

I have the nextBuildNumber plug-in installed, and attempted to use wget with --post-data, but that page appears to require login.

I have two steps of a chained build and I want to keep the build numbers in sync.

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Use HTTP authentication to log into your Hudson server with a user who has suitable privileges for scheduling a build.

The authenticating scripted clients page on the Hudson wiki describes this.

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Hrm... I didn't specify it, but we're using Active Directory authentication, and as part of a large company, corporate IT hasn't been too keen to give us AD users for scripting purposes. Not sure how I'll get around that limitation, but you've answered my original question. –  Joe Schneider Feb 15 '10 at 18:53

There's a file named jobs/$JOBNAME/nextBuildNumber. It contains the next build number to be used in plain text.

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