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I am excited about the new featured released earlier this week.

I went to create a view that Unions my "last 90 days" tables. such view can be very useful and simplifies any coding significantly. I used the new TABLE_DATE_RANGE function.

I wrote:

                    DATE_ADD(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(), -90, 'DAY'),

When running the query it runs fine, when I clicked "Save View" I got a red error message saying:

Failed to create view. Not Found: Table myproject:mydataset.mytableprefix

this happens also if use use specific fields instead of Select *.

Are there limits of usage of the TABLE_DATE_RANGE in views?

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Views didn't work with table_date_range() or table_query() for a long time. However, this was fixed as of this afternoon (2014-01-22).

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Thanks, Looking forward to the resolution, this can simplify my project so much... –  N.N. Mar 27 '14 at 15:05
Jordan, any news about adding this functionality? –  N.N. Oct 15 '14 at 10:58
@Jordan table_date_range() is still not compatible with Views. Do you have any idea when this functionality will be implemented? –  Kris Jan 22 at 10:53
The fix for this was rolled out this afternoon. –  Jordan Tigani Jan 23 at 2:48

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