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I was looking at the following article: Increase heap size in java

Now I have a program that needs about 5GB memory and while doing what was told in the article (that is increasing heap size by using -Xmx5g in the arguments field), I am still getting

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

My system is Windows 7 (64 bit) with 8GB RAM. Am I doing something wrong? If yes, how shall I proceed to get 5GB of heap memory or it is just not feasible for my system to handle?

Note: I have to do calculations with a 2D matrix that is of 25K*25K size having all non-zero values. Hence I cannot use sparse matrix as well.

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can you please list the parameter as you have configured them ? –  Salah Mar 27 at 8:24
Set 6G of memory and see result. I think, 5G is not enough to your program or you have not 5G free system memory. –  Dmitry Tsechoev Mar 27 at 8:25
@salah-I just added -Xmx5g in the arguments field if that what you were asking. –  Shrikant Kakani Mar 27 at 8:26
@DmitryTsechoev: tried that as well.. still got the same exception. –  Shrikant Kakani Mar 27 at 8:26
@Beginner Then you should put the -Xmx5G in the VM arguments instead of program arguments :) –  locoyou Mar 27 at 8:33

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OutOfMemoryError is thrown when JVM does not have enough memory for objects being allocated. If you defined heap of 5G this almost definitely mean that you have a kind of memory leak. For example I can write very simple code that will cause OutOfMemoryError at any environment:

List<String> list = new LinkedList<>();
while(true) {

Run this code and wait several seconds. OutOfMemoryError will be thrown. This is because I add strings to list and never clean it.

I believe that something similar happens with your application.

I understand, that it is not so trivial as my example, so you will probably have to use profiler to debug it and understand the reason of your memory leak.

EDIT: I've just saw that you are working with 25K*25K martrix. It means that you have 625M cells. You have not mentioned the type of the matrix but if it is int that occupies 4 bytes you need 625*4=2500M=2.5G memory, so 5G should be enough.

Please try to analyze what else happens in your program and where your memory is spent.

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5G/(25K*25K) ~ 8 bytes.

Generously assuming that you program does not use memory except for that matrix, each matrix element must take no more than 8 bytes.

You should calculate at least approximate memory requirements to check whether it is even possible to handle problem of such size on your hardware. For example, if you need a 2D array of MxN size of double values then you need at least 8*M*N bytes of memory.

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Well (8*M*N)b + 128m I'd say, you need breathing space for the application outside of that matrix too ;) –  Gimby Mar 27 at 9:47

First you should make sure your JVM is 64 bit because 32bit JVM can be allocated 4G memory most.

If you run the program in Eclipse, you should put -Xmx5G argument in VM arguments instead of Program arguments.

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32bit JVM can allocate at most 2GB actually. But then it would simply fail to start of you specify a larger heap, it wouldn't just run anyway and then fail with an OutOfMemory. –  Gimby Mar 27 at 9:44
@Gimby 32bit JVM on 64 bit OS can allocate 4GB memory. And yes, if you specify a larger heap than maximum, jvm fails to run. –  locoyou Mar 27 at 9:55
Prove it with documentation then if you're so certain. –  Gimby Mar 27 at 11:33
@Gimby Actually it is a long dicussed question:) I didn't find a document but you can see this link oracle.com/technetwork/java/hotspotfaq-138619.html –  locoyou Mar 27 at 12:08

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