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I'm trying to move over from Sublime Text 2 to Githubs new code editor Atom. One thing I can't figure out: Is there a shortcut key for moving between open windows? The default global OSX shortcut SHIFT+CMD+` does not work in Atom and there seems to be no menu option in the app.

I'm on Atom 0.76 and OSX 10.9.2.

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cmd-` works for switching between windows for me. If it borked somehow, maybe a package you installed is hijacking it. From cmd-shift-p type 'keybindings', then check in there. –  Kyle Kelley Mar 28 at 13:07
I tried hijacking the CMD-` keybinding with a custom keybinding in keymap.cson, but the OSX default still works for me. Not sure why this isn't working for you. Any updates or still having troubles? –  jbranchaud Apr 2 at 22:10

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Something, either Atom or an installed package, was hijacking the global SHIFT+CMD+` shortcut, preventing it from working inside Atom. My solution was to remap the global OSX shortcut to occur on CMD+< instead.

Thanks to Kyle Kelly for pointing out that this might be the problem!

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