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I am a basic developer of Lync 2013 SDK. I want to change the custom presence status from my application to Lync 2013 client and vice visa. LyncClient.Self.Contact.ContactInformationChanged has been added by form load event. When I changed the presence status from my custom applicion,this will also change the Lync 2013 client's presence status with my function.

                            (ar) =>
                    catch (ItemNotFoundException)
                        MessageBox.Show(_SelectedCustomAvailabilityId.ToString() + " Item not found");

Because of the Lync 2013 client's presence status has been changed,LyncClient.Self.Contact.ContactInformationChanged event was occured after my function. I don't want to occur this event when the presence status was changed from my application.I want to occur this event only when the presence status has been changed by Lync 2013 client.

How can I work arround for this? Sorry for my English!!!!

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You won't be able to tell what has caused the presence status change as ultimately the ContactInformationChanged event is really being fired by the Lync server, and not by your client or by your application which simply make request for change.

I would suggest storing what your application thinks the current presence status should be, ie what it has most recently be changed to in the application itself, and testing for that in the event handler.

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