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Is there a way to do that without using a POST request to "j_spring_security_check"?

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I needed the same thing (in my case I wanted to log in a user after they created a new account), so I dug around in the generated RegistrationService and found this is how it is done:

import as AuthToken
import as SCH

class UserService {
    /** The authentication provider. */
    def daoAuthenticationProvider

    def doLogin(user) {
        // note: must use the unhashed password here
        def token = new AuthToken(, user.password)
        def auth = daoAuthenticationProvider.authenticate(token)
        // log the user in
        SCH.context.authentication = auth

Hope that helps.

Note: In my example, I use the email/password to login. The AuthToken constructor takes whatever you us as your username/password.

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how i can use a hashed password? – Lucas Feb 15 '10 at 19:32
I'm not sure how you can do that. My first thought is to try and subclass UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken, but I'm not sure how far that will get you. What is the use case? Maybe there is another way to do it? – RJ Regenold Feb 16 '10 at 2:14
If you use what I posted on the mailing list it'll work with a hashed password since it doesn't need to call authenticate(). – Burt Beckwith Feb 16 '10 at 5:43

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