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I am using jQuery EasyUI in my project and I need to delete sub rows in my Datagrid, but I don't know how to find this record in datagrid.

Below is the layout and code snippets to perform the task.


Create datagrid with your sub items:

<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() {
                    view: detailview,
                    detailFormatter: function(index, row) {
                        return '<div style="padding:2px;"><table class="ddvclass" id="ddv"></table></div>';
                    onExpandRow: function(index, row) {
                        var ddv = $('#dg').datagrid('getRowDetail', index).find('table.ddvclass');
                            url: 'get_sub_items.php?itemid=' + row.PROD_ID,
                            fitColumns: true,
                            singleSelect: true,
                            rownumbers: true,
                            loadMsg: '',
                            height: 'auto',
                            columns: [[
                                    {field: 'SUBPROD_ID', title: 'ID', width: 80},
                                    {field: 'SUBPROD_NOME', title: 'Sub product', width: 80},
                                    {field: 'SUBPROD_DESCR', title: 'Description', width: 100},
                                    {field: 'action', title: 'Action', width: 35, align: 'center',
                                        formatter: function(value, row, index) {
                                            var a = '<a href="#" style="color: black;" onclick="deleteSubItems(this)"><b>Delete</b></a>';
                                            return a;
                            onResize: function() {
                                $('#dg').datagrid('fixDetailRowHeight', index);
                            onLoadSuccess: function() {
                                setTimeout(function() {
                                    $('#dg').datagrid('fixDetailRowHeight', index);
                                }, 0);
                        $('#dg').datagrid('fixDetailRowHeight', index);

Delete sub items

function deleteSubItems(target) {
            $.messager.confirm('Confirmation', 'Are you sure?', function(r) {
                if (r) {
                    var row = $('#ddv').datagrid('getSelected');    <<<<<<<< HOW GET AND DELETE SUB ITEM (SUB ROW)? THIS IS NOT WORKING.
                    $.post('delete_sub_items.php', {id: row.SUBITEM_ID}, function(result) {
                        if (result.success) {
                        } else {
                                title: 'Erro',
                                msg: result.msg
                    }, 'json');

Thank you

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