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Plese correct my understanding below

Private Cloud mean Infrastructure will be ours in our Premises but only Platform Azure will will purchsed by Microsoft....Correct?

Can we say: Private Cloud is PaaS?

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Private Cloud is NOT PaaS. PaaS = Platform as a Service. You may want to read up more on Cloud Computing - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_computing. –  Gaurav Mantri Mar 27 at 9:47

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Public is offered in a couple different flavors:

  • IaaS, Infrastructe as a Service. This means you get virtual machines that you manage yourself.
  • PaaS, Platform as a Service, this means that even the operating system is completely patched for you and you can just run your applications.

Both offer automatic management of infrastructure. A private cloud solution emulates this. You need to install your own hardware and then install management services on top of that. This could be a portal like the Microsoft Azure Management Portal with billing options and things like Azure Websites.

Microsoft offers the Azure Pack as a starting point for creating your own private cloud.

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