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please friends help me out

1) what is the difference between mobile application testing and web application testing?

2) what is adhoc testing?

3) differences between sanity and smoke testing

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You may want to search around first about these topics... come to your own conclusions from there, and then ask more specific questions in the near future! –  summea Mar 29 '14 at 6:49

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  1. for mobile application testing we will have to handle some specificities like playing around with touch interface, the different sensors of the phone , connectivity quality etc. This is a very broad topic. I would recommend to follow this blog

  2. wikipedia is your friend

  3. You can find some definitions there but I think it does not really matter so much. Most of the people don't make the difference between the two terms. Just think of it as "quick tests to get an idea on the overall quality of my SUT" or "is it broken or can I go on and do more in-depth testing".

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