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I have a zip file containing xml file generated in Java.And I will send the zip file to Web Service in byte array format.The code snippet to convert zip file into byte array is

public static byte[] FileToArrayOfBytes(ZipFile file) throws IOException {

         final Enumeration<? extends ZipEntry> entries = file.entries();
         final ZipEntry entry = entries.nextElement();

         BufferedInputStream istream = new BufferedInputStream(
         int file_size       = (int) entry.getCompressedSize();
         byte[] blob = new byte[file_size];
         int bytes_read      = 0;
         int offset          = 0;

         while ((bytes_read = istream.read(blob, 0, file_size)) != -1) {
                offset += bytes_read;


         return blob;

When I send the byte array returned from above method,web service is returning an error message as 'invalid file extensions'.Normally we know web service accepts zip file.

Can you help me how can I handle the problem ?

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