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The question might not seem to be clear but i could not get a better name for the behavior of the background that happens. There is a background image that i am setting to my layout, there are various resolutions of the same background put in the appropriate drawable folders also. But when the same image is seen on an emulator there are no issues, though when the application is deployed on a device, the background appears as under:

enter image description here

The image seems to have abnormal lines here and there. It happens for every image that is already in the form of gaussian blur or even those that i would blurred my self.

The same has been tested on different devices with better resolutions (The images are quite large too), but the same effect is seen. Can something be done to the images or is there any way this can be prevented ?

Question: I am messing up with the image when i apply the gaussian blur. I have feelings that some information gets lost when i try to save the image :(.

P.S: I have googled for a solution to this, but i could not get the correct terms may be to arrive at a solution. I have also used an image with a huge resolution say 2100 * 1024 and if i dont blur it using photoshop the image appears well, but if i apply the gaussian blur filter the same happens like the image below.

Software: Photoshop cs4 currently.


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