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Is it possible to update/refresh a RowSet's in case the table content is changed (for e.g. another application modifies it)? So this way I 'always' have an up-to-date version of the table.

I looked into RowSetListener, but these events seem to get invoked only if I make modifications to the RowSet directly. It would be enough to know that there was a change, I know... that's a lot :)

Please share your thoughts! Thanks in advance! Daniel

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No, there are no any way, for most traditional RDBMS. Just because of

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Yes, a RowSet can be refreshed. Just call its "execute()" method again.

Per the docs:

If this method is successful, the current contents of the rowset are discarded and the rowset's metadata is also (re)set.

A rowSetChanged event fires upon this refresh.

If you are asking if a RowSet can be automatically refreshed when data is changed on the database server: No way that I know of. You may not want to know of such changes, depending on your isolation level, locking, and MVCC strategy.

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