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The following code is a snippet from a larger bash script I'm writing to parse through a sequence of amino acids and carry out calculations based on specific pairs. For simplicity, I have shortened it and made it self contained - but the problem I'm coming up against is that if I run the example test calculation "calc ....." line - (which is commented out below,) I get a "... is undefined" error - which refers back to the variable fed into the while-read loop. Perhaps this is to do with subshells and/or variable accessibility but I'm stumped as to the solution, especially as I have similar scripts which work.

Any help would be appreciated. - Also, I'm running this in a mac OSX terminal.


#Set input

#set start position for read

#Analyse sequence
echo -e "\nReading: $Seq "

#Read sequence, one character at a time 
while  read -r -n1 Res ; do

    #If Res variable has hit a "blank", then move on
    if [[ $Res = "" ]] ; then


    #Else, if Res variable is the first     
    elif [[ $Pos = "1" ]] ; then

        #Calculate rate

        #calc 9 + 10

            echo "$Left $Right"

        #Else, if Res variable is the last  
        elif [[ $Pos = $SeqMAX ]] ; then

            echo -e "$Left $Right"  

        #Finally, if charcter is internal       

            echo "$Left $Right"


done < <(echo $Seq)

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Ignoring for the moment why you are trying to do data processing in bash, where is calc defined? What is the exact error message? – chepner Mar 27 '14 at 11:30
calc is a command line calculator tool that I have installed due to it's ease of use with higher functions: sourceforge.net/projects/calc but I'm open to suggestions if you know a better one which won't throw this error. As for the exact error message, - with the code as I've supplied it, it is ""TCHMAREQEMNMHG" is undefined". – smokinjim Mar 27 '14 at 12:32
Is calc reading from standard input? The string it claims is undefined is what's left on standard input after your read consumes the first character. Perhaps calc 9 + 10 < /dev/null will make a difference. Or are you using a different call to calc that you aren't showing? – chepner Mar 27 '14 at 12:51
Thanks - yes adding < /dev/null does make a difference! Would you mind explaining a little, or pointing to another source, as to why that works? Thanks again! – smokinjim Mar 27 '14 at 13:02
calc inherits its standard input from the while loop, the same as read, so both are reading from the <( echo $Seq ). As to why calc reads from standard input, you'd have to consult its documentation. – chepner Mar 27 '14 at 13:05
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It appears that calc reads from standard input, so you need to prevent it from consuming data from the stream provided to the while loop intended for the read command:

calc 9 + 10 < /dev/null
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