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I have a textfield in app. But this textfiled should allow the user to enter only the Decimal values, also the decimal precision should be up to 3.

I never able to find the solution for that, All solution I found here and other will only work for Extjs not with senchaTouch.

Any help with SenchaTouch related solution or pure JavaScript solution to do this are welcome.

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You can see this: sureshdotariya.blogspot.in/2013/04/… –  Sujata Chanda Mar 27 at 12:09
This will never work in my scenario because this app is also for windows8 store app, so the user can direct enter the value through their keyboard also. –  CoolMonster Mar 28 at 4:27
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Maybe use the numberfield xtype.

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I tried that too but it allow the user to enter all characters. –  CoolMonster Mar 27 at 11:03
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Ext.apply(Ext.form.VTypes, {
    numeric: function (v, field) {
        var customRegEX = /^[0-9]/i;
        return customRegEX.test(v);
    numericText: "Text must be numeric",
    numericMask: /^[0-9]/i });

create the vtype and apply in the textfield.

vtype: numeric
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there is no vtype support in SenchaTouch, its for EXtJs only. –  CoolMonster Mar 28 at 4:30
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numberfield is the right one to use. try like this

                        xtype: 'numberfield',
                        id: 'numfield',
                        itemId: 'numfield',
                        label: 'Number',
                        name: 'num',
                        required: true
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