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I'm putting together an online survey that takes place over multiple days and dynamically ('on-the-fly') creates questionnaires for unique users based on their responses the previous day.

For example, on Day 1 the user is asked a series of questions such as "What is the world's largest Ocean?". Say in this case they answer "Indian Ocean" - which is incorrect - on Day 2 the user will be asked something like "Yesterday you said the world's largest Ocean was the [Indian Ocean], how confident are you that this is the correct answer?" Thus, the questions in the Day 2 form are uniquely generated using based on the responses the user gave the previous day.

I think I might be able to do this using Google Forms and Google Apps Script, ultimately interfacing with AmazonTurk (as my source of respondants). However as I am a relative programming novice and have never used any of these services before, I am looking for some direction as to if/how these components could work together harmoniously before I get into the gritty details (e.g. learning apps script).

Here is a rough plan of how the survey should work:

  1. An Amazon Turk worker signs up for the study and follows a link to a Google Sites page. They enter a unique ID number (and/or this is generated for them/extracted from Amazon Turk).

  2. A Google Form is then created containing a set of base questions (which are the same for all users) in a random order unique for this user. The form is presented to the user and the responses stored in a new Google Spreadsheet.

  3. The following day the user again accesses the Google Sites page and enters their unique ID. A new form is created for them which in part uses their responses from the previous day (contained in the Google Spreadsheet created the previous day). The new responses are stored in a new spreadsheet.

  4. Finally, the Amazon Turk system is informed that the user has completed the survey on both days and can be paid.

I would like to know if this is possible to achieve with Google Forms + Apps Script + AmazonTurk and, if it is possible, any more specific direction as to how I might set this up would be greatly appreciated.

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