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My question is about how to use zend module system to make a complete working application.

For example, if I brake my application in different module let say Module A, Module B, Module C and module A use some functionality from B then how to use module B functionality in module A.

Like if I have three module Product, User and Admin.

The product Module is access by both Admin and User Module than how to integrated them to work as a whole system

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I am using Zend framework 2. – user3273700 Mar 29 '14 at 5:10

Which version of Zend Framework are you using?

And what really you ask? About application design or strategy for loading classes?

If you ask about the design of the application Zend 1 (suppose Zend 2 too), it is not architecture HMVC (Hierarchical Model-View-Controller), so you cannot ask one controller in module, let's say Product from another module to do some work and return the data you then assign to a variable and modify. For this purpose it is better to use the PHP Fuel framework .

If you ask about the strategy for loading classes and your version is Zend 1 I can tell you that problem you may encounter is that, each module by default loads only his classes.

You just need to come up with a working strategy for automatic loading of classes and you're done. The best solution in my opinion is the classmap autoloader. Here you have a complete solution. Using the new autoloaders from Zend Framework 1.12

Happy coding.

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