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I am trying to use bracket tags to render page dynamically

<h:inputText value="#{searchdevice[field.beanName[field.column_name]]}"/>

where serachDevice represents the managedbean name and field.beanName returns the Value object and field.column_name returns the property name I have initialized my VOs in managed bean constructor.I use dataTable to iterate over the list. Above line of code works fine but when i try to use it in selectonemenu it says target null Bracket Suffix returned null

<h:selectOneMenu value="#{searchdevice[field.beanName[field.column_name]]}" >
                        <f:selectItem itemLabel="Please select option." itemValue="" noSelectionOption="true"/>
                        <f:selectItem itemLabel="Yes" itemValue="Y" />
                        <f:selectItem itemLabel="No" itemValue="N" />

This doesn't work Any inputs please

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What about searchdevice.someMethod(yourData)? –  Vasil Lukach Mar 27 at 13:49

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