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I am creating a GUI program using NetBeans IDE 8.0 and I need to show a table with different sized columns.
Using a JtableBinding linked to a MySql table, it shows the contents in a grid having all columns set to the same width.
I would change the column width by code, but I noted that for JtableBinding there is not a TableColumnModel, while I have it in a JTable object.

Is it possible to set a different size for each column in a JtableBinding?
Thanks to everyone who gives me a response.

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you will create table structure with your customize column width and then corresponding object will bind jtablebinding try –  Sathiyaraj Mar 27 at 13:37
It doesn't work. It seems like JTableBinding does not see changes in JTable, even if I made them before and after the binding. :( –  user3468526 Mar 27 at 16:33
I noted that for JtableBinding there is not a TableColumnModel - I have never used JTableBinding but is seems that you still need a JTable, so you change the TableColumns of the TableColumnModel created by the JTable. This must be done AFTER you have set the TableModel for the JTable. –  camickr Mar 27 at 17:16
"How can I set the size of columns in a JTableBinding?" What's that? I don't see it listed in the docs.. –  Andrew Thompson Mar 28 at 1:35
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