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I saw links showing a checkbox for full trust but this does not seem to appear when I check the role properties.


There's also a link here:


But the link does not appear valid any more.

Finally I read that enableNativeCodeExecution should be set like this for full trust.

<WebRole name="MockingService" vmsize="Small" enableNativeCodeExecution="false">

Can someone explain? Is this now the default and is there no longer a requirement to set the above?

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Yes, Full trust is now on by default and according to the docs this attribute is optional. Check out the MSDN documentation at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windowsazure/gg557553.aspx#WebRole.

enableNativeCodeExecution- Optional. The default value is true; native code execution and full trust are enabled by default. Set this attribute to false to disable native code execution for the web role, and use Windows Azure partial trust instead.

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Thanks - I guess someone at MSOFT needs to update the docs. The link I gave was from a Feb 14th Document and it still mentions something about "setting trust level". –  Melina Mar 28 at 4:26

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