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I wish to peek a byte of the binary data coming in using binary reader. Using PeekChar works fine only if it is utf8. Otherwise, I get the error "The output char buffer is too small to contain the decoded characters, encoding 'Unicode (UTF-8)' fallback".

Is there a way for binary reader to peek one byte irrespective of the encoding?

Stream stream = new MemoryStream(buffer);
BinaryReader reader = new BinaryReader(stream);
type = (uint)reader.PeekChar(); //throws error I mentioned for a particular case
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Is the data text? UTF8 can have multi-byte characters. Are you looking for the next character or the next byte? – Scott Chamberlain Mar 27 '14 at 14:27
@ScottChamberlain No. Its binary data. I am looking for the next byte. – Tyler Durden Mar 27 '14 at 15:29

BinaryReader can't peek a single byte, as simple as that. However, in your case, it's not really important. Since you have a MemoryStream underlying the BinaryReader, you can safely do a ReadByte and just move the Position back one byte.

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I was looking for Peek method for memory stream. i didnt know i can change position. thanks. – M.kazem Akhgary Sep 24 '15 at 10:21

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