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I need to save a session in HAR or SAZ formats. If I use fiddler to do it now I have all the requests and responses. Id like to limit things to request and response to html document only or to json response or any resource I need. Is there a way to do this in fiddler?

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To save a single Request/Response pair in a SAZ file, select it and choose File > Save > Selected Sessions > In ArchiveZip.

To save a single Request/Response pair in a HAR file, select it and choose File > Export Sessions > Selected Sessions.

To do this from script or an extension, simply call the WriteSessionArchive method, passing an array containing just 1 Session object.

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I do this:

  1. Press F12 to stop capture
  2. Delete any of the traffic you don't want.
  3. File - Save All Sessions.

This enables me to save a .saz file with only 1 request/response inside. I hope they fix this so you can choose to do this under save selected sessions.

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