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I am trying to return all documents that do not have the user's id in the document's followers array.

I am using mongoose with Node.Js but the regular mongodb way should be fine.


Adding more info:

Here is an example document:

  __v: 0,
  _id: ObjectId("53333273adf3ede81f0ce23b"),
  title: "fashion",
  date: 1395864179,
  followers: [

The query I tried to write but not sure if $nin is correct since the examples on mongodb are the opposite of making sure a field in the document does not equal an array of things, where I want to make sure an array of the document does not include a single element.

Story.find({followers: {$nin: [user]}}, "_id title", {$sort: {date: {{$gte: 30 } }, skip: 5, limit: 100}, function(err, results) {

The model:

var Story = new Schema({
    title: {type: String},  
    followers: [{ type: ObjectId, ref: 'User' }],
    date: {type: Number}
}, {collection: "stories"});

module.exports = mongoose.model('Story', Story);

The call to the server: (note I am converting it from a string to an object Id

GET /stories?userid=53343ac3abcd1b6016c52c1b&count=0 200 201ms - 2b
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Lots of information here. But not sure what is relevant to your problem. You want to find all documents that do not have the "user's" id? What from? In followers? From every document? There surely is a much more simplified way of expressing what you want to do than what is in this question. Try to do that. –  Neil Lunn Mar 27 '14 at 16:13
read the first line... it is as simple as it gets... i added info for people because I got some comments and someone who added an answer then deleted it was asking for more information –  Lion789 Mar 27 '14 at 16:48
Hi, can you show any document structure having user's id in followers array ? –  ammu Mar 27 '14 at 17:17
hey ammu, what do you mean exactly, you want to see the user schema? –  Lion789 Mar 27 '14 at 17:32
may be $exists=>false can be used for checking if users id is present or not –  ammu Mar 27 '14 at 17:36

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You can do that with following query;

Story.inventory.find({followers: {$exists: true, $nin: [ "53343ac3abcd1b6016c52c1b" ]}},
                    {$sort: {date: {{$gte: 30 } }, skip: 5, limit: 100, function(err, results) {


This query will select all documents in the User collection where the followers field exists and its value does not equal to 53343ac3abcd1b6016c52c1b.

Note: Do not convert id to Object, because mongoose does that for you.

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