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I have models like this:

window.Client = Backbone.RelationalModel.extend({
    urlRoot: '/api/Client',
    relations: [
            type: Backbone.HasMany,
            key: 'appointments',
            relatedModel: 'Appointment',
            reverseRelation: {
                key: 'client',
                keySource: 'client_id',
                includeInJSON: 'id',
window.Appointment = Backbone.RelationalModel.extend({
    urlRoot: '/api/Appointment',

JSON in '/api/Appointment' response contains client object data, so when I am fetching single appointment, I expect it to contain related Client object, but it doesn't.

var a= new Appointment({id:1});
a.fetchRelated('client')//this will make another request and get data that browser already have

Is it possible to make backbone-relational automatically set up parent relation?

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fetch() is an asynchronous method, it might take some time for it to finish. Try waiting for a.fetch to complete before checking if client is initialized:

    success: function () {

In addition, you say the json returned by /api/Appointment contains the client data. If this is the case, you shouln't set autoFetch to true as an additional fetch is not required.

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