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I am working with SpatiaLite for Android from Gaia-SINS using this tutorial.

I managed to create spatial database and it works fine. But I have problem getting distance between points (or any other geometry) in meters.

I was searching the web, and found many examples that uses Transform to get distance in meters. Projection that I use is 4326 and I insert points as POINT(Lon Lat). To calculate the distance I transform it to projection with SRID 3035.

The problem is that when I use transform on Android it returns NULL. I Compared it with SpatiaLite_GUI, in it this query works fine.

Can anyone say me why Transform on phone is not working? Is it because of the projection 3035 or something else?


Here is simple SQL that is working in SpatiaLite GUI and not on Android.

SELECT Distance(
    Transform(GeomFromText('POINT(21.865466 43.327717)', 4326), 3035),
    Transform(GeomFromText('POINT(21.895659 43.32116)', 4326), 3035)) as Distance;

This query returns 2550.215591 in SpatiaLite GUI and 0.0 in Android. The 2.5km is correct distance.

The same query without Transform returns 0.030897 in both SpatiaLite GUI and Android.

SELECT Distance(
    GeomFromText('POINT(21.865466 43.327717)', 4326),
    GeomFromText('POINT(21.895659 43.32116)', 4326)) as Distance;
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Can you post your exact Android code? –  PearsonArtPhoto Jun 14 at 1:00
Why do you need Android code when this is SQL ? –  Boban S. Jun 15 at 13:14
Maybe the problem is in how you are calling the code in Android. –  PearsonArtPhoto Jun 15 at 15:54
You are right. It was problem with android code. I forgot to post the answer here. –  Boban S. Jun 16 at 10:14
Instead of editing to answer the question, you are best actually answering your own question, using the answer question button. –  PearsonArtPhoto Jun 16 at 10:25

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Let me answer my own question.

The problem was in creating database. I am creating it in code and i haven't added spatialite_create() to create spatialite meta data in database.

Database db = new Database();
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