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I need to generate a token once my users have authenticate with a 3rd party(Facebook, or Twitter). I will give this token back to the client and they will be able to access all the users information using it.

I need the token to be hard to guess and hard to predict. (Hard meaning it would take a day or two to guess with a modern desktop)

MySQL has the function UUID() that generates a value that is unique but the documentation also says its not unguessable or unpredictable. I'm not sure if that means it's not hard to guess or predict.

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There are tons of node.js modules, that do exactly what you need. Popular picks:

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I'd go for whirlpool(timestamp*username), or something like that. –  Gudgip Mar 27 at 16:15
I was looking at node-uuid. It doesn't say anything about guessability or predicability in the document but it seems to rely on a lot of random bits and I feel comfortable that is enough to make it hard to guess or predict. –  andre Mar 27 at 16:25

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