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is it possible to make a Delphi TList immutable?
I searched in the delphi doc for a class similar to the unmodifiableList in java, but didn't found anything.


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The Delphi RTL contains no classes that implement immutable or read-only lists. You will have to implement such a class yourself, or find a library that offers such functionality.

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You could use the IReadOnlyList<T> from Spring4D.

If you have an IList<T> you just call AsReadOnlyList and it returns you the same instance as IReadOnlyList<T> which does not provide methods to manipulate the list (no Add, Delete or setter for the Items property).

However there is a difference to the unmodifiableList from Java:

In Java you really get a List<T> which will throw UnsupportedOperationException when you try to modify it while in Spring4D which is mostly modeled after .NET you get something that you cannot call any modifying operations on.

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