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I want to make an app that cost $1.99, After Apple takes its cut, I'd like to donate the rest to charity. There will be no in-app purchases and I don't want to use a "donate" button in the app. Will Apple allow this? Thank you!

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This question appears to be off-topic because it does not have anything to do with programming –  Shubhank Mar 27 at 16:15
off topic - nevertheless you can do with the earned money what ever you want. Apple just wires it onto your bank account and from there donate it freely. –  Volker Mar 27 at 16:17
You won't be able to sell the app based on giving the money to charity, but once you have the money you can give it to charity... –  Wain Mar 27 at 16:34
Sorry about the topic, I'm using this site for the first time and I must have messed up. Thank you for your help! –  user3469433 Mar 27 at 17:09