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I came across a code snippet like this:

Timestamp expiryDate = Timestamp.valueOf(dateStr + " " + "23:59:59.000");

Here dateStr is a string entered by the user in a form, in the format yyyy-mm-dd. Now the behavior of Timestamp.valueOf is such that it converts non-existent dates into appropriate proper dates. Say 31st June 2008 into 01st July 2008.

How can I check in Java if the dateStr string is in fact a valid date ? I know I can manually do the check, but what I would like to know is whether any method is already available to do the same.

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Try SimpleDateFormat. You simply set a format such as the one in your example and then call parse on your dateStr.

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You must make sure that setLenient() is set to false, otherwise you wind up with the same issues as Timestamp. – Spencer Kormos Oct 22 '08 at 18:33
Thanks Adam. It worked fine but not before calling the setLenient(false) on the SimpleDateFormat object. Thanks for that pointer, Spencer ! – Vijay Dev Oct 22 '08 at 18:38
Also, be advised that SimpleDateFormat.parse() is not Thread-safe. So if you're doing this in say a servlet, you cannot have a static instance of your SimpleDateFormat, and will have to manage it accordingly. – Spencer Kormos Oct 22 '08 at 18:49

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